Garage Tours

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Garage Tours is the stuff gearheads' dreams are made of. Chris Forsberg gives you an inside look at incredible garages around the country. From high-tech professional outfits to grassroots backyards garages, you'll see the ins and outs and find out what makes these operations tick.

In this new episode of Garage Tours, we turn the camera on two of the most popular drivers in Formula Drift: our host Chris Forsberg and fellow driver Ryan Tuerck, to get a look inside their mobile garages.

Forsberg takes us inside his 75-foot, two-story trailer complete with car and equipment storing capacity and indoor work stations. We also see the mobile work stations that keep these cars in prime competitive condition throughout the race weekend. Tuerck tours us through his 53-foot trailer and shows us how his crew stays on top of maintenance and repairs throughout the competition.

There aren't many things in the realm of cars that are foreign to Chris Forsberg. But lowriders and hydraulics are some of those things, so Forsberg decided to get an education in lowriders from one of the best shops in the country for just that on this new episode of Garage Tours.

In this episode Forsberg visits Miranda’s Custom Car shop in Phoenix, Arizona—a lowrider shop driven by the passionate mechanic Luis Miranda whose built a reputation for attention to detail and artistic paintwork. Luis’ affection and commitment to custom lowriders and the lowrider culture runs deep. Miranda handles every process of the vehicle’s fabrications from sourcing parts to engine fabrications, custom upholstery, paintwork, and of course, hydraulics.

Forsberg gets a tour of the yard where vehicles, including some long lean ’58 and ’59 Impalas, are waiting for their transformation. Inside we see works in progress and lowriders in the final stages of customization. And finally! Forsberg gets his first ride in slammed down to the ground lowrider.

On the finale of Garage Tours season 3, Chris Forsberg heads west to check out the muscle cars—from a Dodge Challenger daily driver to a track-ready Ford Fairlane—that have made Pure Vision Design an award-winning, cover-grabbing custom shop.

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What's it like having Dale Earnhardt Jr. as a boss? Chris Forsberg meets up with JR Motorsports driver Alex Bowman for the answer—not to mention an awesome behind-the-scenes tour—on a brand new episode of Garage Tours.

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Not all Porsches go to heaven. Some end up at Emory Motorsports. Join Chris Forsberg as he investigates 356 utopia—and the origins of the outlaw Porsche—on the season three premiere of Garage Tours!

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