Motocross Championship

Chad Reed's 2013 Supercross Season Recap: My Way

2013 wasn't the epic Monster Energy Supercross season Chad Reed had hoped for, but despite his knee still not operating at full strength and his fitness not up to his own standards, Chad was still able finished in 5th for the year. Now Chad's focus turns to outdoor motocross and his first event at the Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. Finally feeling healthy and strong, Chad is putting in extra work and training to compete at the highest level.

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Chad Reed is one of the top riders competing in supercross and motocross, with numerous titles to his name. Reed is in a unique position because he isn’t just a racer, he’s also owns the team that he rides for, TwoTwo Motorsports. Both pursuits are challenging, whether it’s dealing with injuries or managing his staff. “My Way” follows Reed as he tries to be successful in both endeavors.

Chad Reed: My Way